Mainly: Blockchain Proof-of-Work, Peer-to-Peer Communication, Cryptocurrency Wallet, Script Language and Smart Contract, Atomic Swap and Chain Interoperability.

  • CTO, Co-founder @ Fluidex, January 2021 – Present
  • Research Engineer, Cryptographer @ bytom, August 2019 – January 2021
    • TSS related:
      • take charge of Bytom's TSS usage in cross-chain federation
  • Blockchain Engineer @ bytom, March 2018 – August 2019
    • PoW-related:
      • optimize bytom's PoW algorithm, from 900+ ms to 100+ ms
      • optimize bytomd node mining pool, updating blocktemplate timely
      • implement other mining-related functionalities in bytomd (the bytomd daemon node), including set-mining-address and set-coinbase-arbitrary
    • chain-interoperability-related:
      • take charge of bystack's chain interoperability, mainly cross-chain transactions and two-way peg federation
    • wallet-related:
      • work as core developer of blockcenter, a semi-centralized crypto-currency wallet back-end server, supporting mutiple blockchains and assets on them
      • design and implement a key management service for Bytom DEX
      • implement wallet related functionalities in bytomd, including global transaction index and version update mechanism
    • p2p-related:
      • take charge of the PreCogs Projects, discovering and monitoring global bytomd nodes status
      • implement node version checking & update functionalities in bytomd